Seniors held a bake sale for Meals on Wheels

Lexington County Recreation and Aging Commission

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The Tri-City Senior Center hosted a bake sale fundraiser on Tuesday, July 25th in order to raise money for Meals on Wheels, which provides food to seniors who are isolated or cannot get out of the house.

Peggy Scott, director of the Tri-City Senior Center, hosts fundraisers as often as inspiration strikes, and always donates the money to Meals on Wheels.

While everyone who volunteers to bake goods or work the fundraisers is a senior citizen themselves, they are doing it to benefit those who are isolated or stuck inside. All the proceeds from the various fundraisers go to benefit Meals on Wheels, which uses the money to purchase food to cook for those who cannot do it themselves.

Scott says these programs are important because the deliveries allow the isolated seniors to have some contact with other people. Scott and many of the seniors expressed that their favorite part of coming to the center was the interaction with others and without it many of them would not be as active and healthy as they are.

For more interaction with isolated seniors, the center has volunteers who will call others at home just to have a conversation. The general consensus of the seniors was that comradery was one of the best parts of the center and so extending that to others was something many enjoyed doing.

According to Darius Suber, the director of the Lexington County Recreation and Aging Commission (LCRAC), the fundraisers do not raise a ton of money – but every bit helps.

Suber said, “There are a lot of seniors out there that really need a helping hand and it takes a lot of funding to have these programs run. While this seems like a minor situation, the more they do it the more extra funding they get to place meals in homes that don’t have food to eat.”

Since the bake sale is only for one day, Scott is looking to the future. She is looking forward to the center’s annual peddler show in December. They will have many vendors come out to the center to sell their goods, all to benefit Meals on Wheels.

To find out more about the Tri-City Senior Center and it’s fundraisers you can call at 803-939-9311.