ANCHORAGE, A.K.  — Cody Boring, left, admiring the Little O’Malley range from the Wolverine Peak summit.

ANCHORAGE, A.K. — Alaska’s mountain ranges have always been famous for their beauty and grandeur, but now residents are appreciating them for keeping them sane, safe and socially distanced.

When the coronavirus arrived in Alaska on March 23, the community was quick to take action and install sweeping measures to protect Alaskans, and they worked. Alaska’s curve has been in steady decline for a week, and so far, there have only been seven deaths.

The success can be placed with Alaskans for following the rules, but residents know that the only reason it was possible was because they were still allowed to go hiking.

“If I wasn’t allowed in the trails, I don’t think I could handle this,” said Megan Barrett, a 22-year-old lifelong Alaskan resident. “I just think I would’ve gone insane.”