COLUMBIA, S.C. – Thousands of Gamecock fans made a splash at the University of South Carolina’s fountain to celebrate the South Carolina Women’s Basketball Team winning the NCAA championship.

For many students, this was their first time jumping in the fountain. USC freshman Greta Mowers did not hesitate to dive in with the other Gamecock fans when the buzzer rang.

“It hit zero-zero, and I just ran to the fountain,” Mowers said. “I’ve never ran so fast. Like, oh my God, I lost my breath, and I just ran.”

USC freshman Makayla Weeks was nervous but believed that USC would pull through.

“My heart-rate was at 152 the whole entire last half of the game,” Weeks said. “My heart was just pounding… but I knew we were going to win because we’re South Carolina, like, what do you expect?”

The Gamecocks went head-to-head against the Iowa Hawkeyes in the final game, which broke the record for the most-viewed women’s basketball game ever with around 18.9 million viewers. According to ESPN, it was also the first time in history the women’s NCAA final beat the men’s in viewership.

USC senior Sophia Riley is shocked by the growing popularity in women’s sports.

“If you told me this ten years ago, that women’s sports is as popular as it is now, I wouldn’t believe you,” Riley said.

The Gamecocks also became the tenth women’s basketball team to ever complete their season undefeated.

Governor Henry McMaster recognized the team’s accomplishments by hanging a USC flag on top of the State House. The City of Columbia has also announced a parade on Sunday, April 14. It will start at 1700 Main Street at 2 p.m. and end at the State House.