Meredith Trout, creator of the BEATS method, demonstrates barre exercises. (Photo courtesy of BEATS Barre Studio/Carolina News and Reporter)

BEATS stands for “burn, energize and tone sculpt,” all to a fun beat.

Meredith Trout developed the BEATS workout method and is bringing her unique exercise to Columbia at her BEATS Barre Studio.

She created the method because other workouts just weren’t giving her what she was looking for.

“I wanted the freedom to be able to do my own thing,” Trout said. 

BEATS had its grand opening in Forest Hills on Sept. 26.

Columbia Mayor Daniel Rickenmann was on hand and noted that the business is the latest in a string of woman-owned businesses to open in the past month in the city.

The BEATS workout focuses on four main sectors: barre, mat, arms and dance.

Barre is a specialized type of workout with low impact and a high number of repetitions. Classes are offered in smaller settings in many studios around Columbia.       

The name comes from a ballet barre that dancers use when practicing to maintain balance. 

“I was a dancer growing up, so a lot of the technique that is focused on in barre relates back to my dance training,” USC student Lauren Like said. “I also like barre because it’s not a super-intense cardiovascular workout but still works your muscles hard.”

Trout always has enjoyed barre as well, but it wasn’t enough for her.

“What I did was put together my favorite parts of exercise class,” Trout said.

The first part Trout focused on was mat work, which is a dynamic take on Pilates. 

Next, Trout focused on arm work, which she wanted to address because of her dislike of heavy weights. 

The new workout includes low weights and resistance bands to ensure all participants are using the weights correctly and avoiding injury.

Lastly came dance, simply because Trout loves to dance.

“I put in a six-to-eight minute cardio dance segment which is super easy to follow,” Trout said.

All together, BEATS provides a customized workout that creates a community for everyone who walks in.

Instructor Abby Collins thinks everyone is celebrated no matter what their fitness level or background is.

The studio targets women. But men are welcome, too.

“At BEATS, you get to work out while being surrounded by a group of women who uplift you and help build your confidence,” Collins said.

Not only does BEATS provide a workout that’s new to the Columbia area but “you gain a group of women who are in your corner and support you always,” Collins said.

The participants get an option of taking an hour long or a 45-minute class, which are offered Monday through Saturday.

Instead of watching pre-recorded videos, BEATS also offers a virtual class so that people from home can work out during the regularly scheduled class. 

This gives the instructors a chance to interact with everyone, even the ones exercising from home.

The simultaneous remote classes allow the original BEATS members back in North Carolina to join in.

Before moving to Columbia in 2022, BEATS was in Lexington, North Carolina, for four years.

When Trout’s family relocated to South Carolina, she continued teaching out of her home.

Always wanting a studio of her own, she could never get the timing right.

She wanted BEATS to open before the new year; that’s when everyone decides they want to join a gym, Trout said.

She was thrilled when a studio on the corner of Gregg and Gervais streets became available.

The studio has a main room for her BEATS classes but also came with two back rooms.

Trout is planning on using the rooms as a private training room and a childcare room.

“It all really comes from my love of fitness, and my love of community,” Trout said. “Fitness is for everybody, and I want everybody to be able to do it!”


Owner Meredith Trout prior to the ribbon cutting of her first free-standing exercise studio. (Photo by Grayson McClendon/Carolina News and Reporter)

The back of the studio has a section called BEATS BABIES, where children can go while their parents work out. (Photo by Grayson McClendon/Carolina News and Reporter)

What will be the private training room Trout and her team turned into a photo-op for the opening. (Photo by Grayson McClendon/Carolina News and Reporter)

BEATS is a dynamic workout based on barre and stands for “burn, energize and tone sculpt.” (Photo by Grayson McClendon/Carolina News and Reporter)