The Comet dropping off passengers in downtown Columbia.

The Comet bus system is now trying to help relieve the stress of some of its riders in the Midlands. The transportation system, run by the Central Midlands Regional Transit Authority, is now offering half-off rates to Lexington County residents with lower incomes.

After receiving funding from the Lexington County Community Development Block Grant Program, the transit company is working to create a 31-day-pass at half-off for its Lexington county riders, as well as daily and weekly passes. The monthly passes are $40 before the discount, while the weekly is $14 and the day pass is $2.

Comet CEO John Andoh said to qualify for the discounted rates, individuals must meet the Department of Health and Human Services poverty guideline threshold. Andoh said the company chose to follow this guideline to “keep the standard consistent.”

These passes will be available to Lexington County residents only and will include stops on the Comet route and the Soda Cap Connector – another branch of shuttles that run through downtown Columbia.

To learn more about getting a discounted pass, go to

Bus riders get on the Comet from this North Main street stop.

Jonathan Mobley waiting to take the Comet into downtown Columbia.