Vestique’s display of its gameday apparel ready for customers shopping for football season. (Photo by Grayson McClendon/Carolina News and Reporter)

Columbia clothing boutiques increasingly have added a “gameday” section to their websites.

USC gameday clothes are made for football games, with garnet, black and white fashion pieces.

But gameday outfits no longer consist of casual shirts and denim shorts. Now, it’s bedazzled jerseys, glittery skirts – clothes that make fans stand out.

“It’s not as simple as it used to be,” said Terri Johnston, who works at Ivy and Leo in Forest Acres.

Following the gameday outfit trend gives people a reason to enjoy football season, even if they’re not a big sports fan.

“It offers a little something for everybody,” she said. “If you’re not a huge sit-in-the-stadium-and-watch-the-game person but you enjoy the socialization, I think it just opens up some different doors.” 

Most shops in Columbia have carried garnet-colored clothes since before the gameday look became popular. But these days, garnet has been taken to another level.

The trendy outfit pieces right now are cowboy boots, sunglasses and accent sleeves on tops, Johnston said.

Hats come into play when it starts to get cooler later in the season.

Another popular gameday spot is Vestique, a franchise in the heart of Five Points. 

As soon as a customer walks in, their eyes are drawn to the giant section of gameday wear.

No one will walk away unhappy with shirts that say “Gamecocks” and garnet hats that read “WIN OR LOSE WE STILL BOOZE.”

Vestique Sales Associate Genny Hicks has worked in the store since May 2022.

She has seen the transition and growth of the gameday outfit trend first-hand. 

Hicks is also the shop’s creative strategies intern and fulfills tasks such as visual merchandising and social media.

“I like how, especially at USC, you can kind of go in any creative direction,” Hicks said. “You have a whole mixed bag of people in athletic wear to a maxi dress. I like how everyone puts their own spin on it.”

Another popular accessory is the gameday purse. 

Williams-Brice requires patrons to stick to “one bag that is clear plastic, vinyl or PVC.”

But straps are fair game.

The latest for sale are beaded and have the words “Spurs Up” or “Beamer Ball” written down the side. 

Maddy VanderWeele is a model for The Kindred Boutique in Lexington and has a purse of her own.

“Even with the clear bag policy, girls find ways to have a cute bag,” VanderWeele said.

Kindred Boutique is home to the Gameday Collection-Carolina Edition, with the option of shopping in store or online.

That includes leather shorts, garnet headbands, fun jewelry and so much more.

“It’s also common to find girls wearing gameday pins or stickers showing team spirit, clubs and sororities they are a part of,” VanderWeele said. “Big flashy earrings of footballs and mascots are common as well.” 

The gameday trends adds a sense of community to the sport.

“What a great way to start the game off and tailgating,” Johnston said. “It just brings excitement into the full sport.”

Ivy and Leo show off their collection outside of the store. (Photo by Grayson McClendon/Carolina News and Reporter)

Maddy VanderWeele, far right, joins with other Kindred Boutique models show off the “Sparkle Game Day Jersey” (Photo courtesy of Maddy VanderWeele)

Clear purses are popular accessories due to the clear bag policy at Williams Brice.

Clear purses are popular accessories because of the clear bag policy at Williams-Brice Stadium. (Photo by Grayson McClendon/Carolina News and Reporter)