Columbia S.C. – The economy was the focus of President Biden’s speech at the First in the Nation Celebration Dinner on Saturday night.

Biden talked about the achievements of his economic plan, known as “Bidenomics,” campaigning on how he has created more jobs so far than former President Trump accomplished during his four years in office.

Biden also highlighted the financial support his administration has given to Historically Black Colleges and Universities, saying that $7 billion was distributed to schools around the country.

“It’s a long time coming, this is where the base of the Democratic party is,” said Noah Barker. “It’s based in black voters.”

Not everyone was on Biden’s side. 

Several people interrupted, criticizing him for his decisions on the ongoing Israel-Hamas war and his stance on climate change.

“Declare a climate emergency!” one protester demanded of Biden during the event.

Security officers removed the hecklers from the event.

Biden ended his speech urging Democrats to vote in the upcoming primary. Since South Carolina is the first official Democratic presidential primary, this is the first time Biden appears on the ballot. Registered voters have the option of  early voting until Friday February 2 or casting their ballots in person, February 3.