The Princess Diana exhibit debuted at the State Fair and it is the first time it’s been outside of a museum.

Located in the Rosewoods Ballroom, the Princess Diana exhibit depicts her life and legacy, told for the first time by her favorite Royal Photographer, Anwar Hussein.

Hussein changed the way Americans see the Royal Family by taking casual photographs that captured the their lives and emotions.

Each photo has a card next to it with the untold story and additional information.

The exhibit travels all over the world and this is the first time it’s been to South Carolina.

The photos begin with her early life when she started dating Prince Charles, and soon the media fascination began.

Guests can revisit pictures from the Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, the births of Prince William and Prince Harry, and the elegance of her dresses and hats.

Guests will also view the major humanitarian work of Princess Diana that includes visiting and touching a person with AIDS, that helped to eliminate the stigma that it was contagious by touch. Another occasion: when she visited a hospice and wanted to stay when others wanted to leave, so she could visit every patient.

Also included in the exhibit are comparative photos of William and Kate, and Harry and Megan during similar moments.

The exhibit concludes with a small gift shop, where guests can purchase Princess Diana gifts and souvenirs.

The State Fair runs from October 11th to 22nd and the exhibit is included with fair admission.