Student journalists from USC’s Carolina News & Reporter visited Walterboro on a recent February day for the double murder trial of Alex Murdaugh.

The trial has become a national phenomenon after the deaths of Murdaugh’s wife and youngest son.

A day in photos from the Murdaugh trial in Walterboro

The swarm of media satellite trucks, dozens of spectators and as many law enforcement officers.

USC visual journalist Caroline Barry documents how the small Lowcountry town has handled such a high-profile trial.

‘Front Porch of the Lowcountry’ makes front-page headlines for Murdaugh trial

They waited patiently in line to get a seat in the courtroom.

They waited patiently in line at a circle of shaded food trucks for lunch.

And they stepped carefully over media cords taped to sidewalks to get to their cars parked in new gravel lots.

The high profile nature of the trial has attracted hundreds of visitors each day to “The Front Porch of the Lowcountry.”

Barbecue parfaits, shrimp tacos help Walterboro with murder trial crowds

Walterboro knew it didn’t have enough lunch spots to feed all the hungry mouths the Murdaugh trial would bring in.

The solution for filling all those bellies?

Food trucks.