The proposed bill has been up for debate in the state senate.

People moving to South Carolinians for lower taxes might be in for a shock. 

A bill has been proposed in the Senate that would ask voters if they want to charge an extra $500 fee for car owners coming from out of state who are looking to get an S.C. driver’s license and car registration. 

The revenue from what some are calling the “Yankee tax” would be used to fund public works projects. 

But some newcomers are worried about how it will affect them. 

Tyler Sprague is a sophomore finance major at the University of South Carolina. He moved from California and just recently registered his car in South Carolina. 

“To me, it seems a little unnecessary – especially coming from out of state and seeing already how many taxes that are put on, like cars and stuff,” Sprague said.

Sen. Mike Fanning, D-Fairfield County, is one of the sponsors of the proposed bill, which would create a November referendum on the issue for voter ratification.

The idea is “to ensure that long-time residents are not forced to pay extra out of their pocket for the demand of new services brought about by new residents,” Fanning’s office told the Carolina News & Reporter in an email.

The bill is intended to take the weight off in-state residents.

But some are concerned it will further burden people who move in state, especially students. 

“My main concern is just for the people who are coming in, or for the out-of-state students who” have to register their car, said Katryn West, a sophomore public relations major at USC.

The money raise by the higher fees would go toward education, environmental protection and infrastructure. 

That seems to be an agreeable choice for some. 

“I would love to see it go towards infrastructure,” Sprague said of the state’s infamous potholes. 

Fanning’s office doesn’t think the proposed bill will deter anyone from moving to the state. 

The legislation needs to be passed by the House and the Senate before it would be placed on the general election ballot in November. 

Some believe that this fee is a small price to pay for the perks lower taxes in S.C.

Katryn West, pictured here, wants the funds gathered from this bill to go to education. (Photo courtesy of Katryn West)

Tyler Sprague, pictured here, believes the fee seems like an unneeded extra fee. (Photo courtesy of Tyler Sprague)