Brett Sims understands what it takes to perform at the highest level. He is the owner of Motive Movement in Greenville, and a former American Ninja Warrior.

Sims got involved with Ninja twelve years ago, when competing on the show while it aired in Japan. 

“I’ve been involved since the beginning,” said Sims.

Since then, Brett competed in many seasons to follow, all while training others for the show.

“What keeps me going is seeing others try the sport and see them develop a love for it as they keep training,” said Sims.

After creating the gym, Sims had many of his obstacles featured on the show.

“One of the first ones I’ve ever had [featured] was the Iron Maiden,” said Sims. “You have these sleeves kinda like an inverted peg board where you have to move up and on the pegs they actually spin making it an extra hard peg board,” said Sims.

Motive Movement trains clients from beginner to advanced, including this season’s American Ninja Warrior champion Vance Walker.

Sims was Walker’s first coach in the sport and was thrilled to see his student achieve the highest goal.

“It was awesome seeing him win it all and win 1 million dollars,” said Sims. “We haven’t had a winner in a while and I was happy to see him do it and honored to have had a hand in his training,” said Sims.

Looking to the future, Sims is inspired to keep training, while also hoping the next Ninja Warrior is living right under his roof,; his 1-year-old daughter.