Rebecca Thomas, of Columbia, gives the treats at Randolph Artisan Italian Ice & Gelato a thumbs-up. 

ORANGEBURG, S.C. – The owners of Randolph Artisan Italian Ice & Gelato  have been rewarded with long, socially distanced lines and satisfied customers, even during the coronavirus pandemic.

Devin and Kiesha Randolph are counting on their sweet homemade gelato recipes and their specialty waffles to keep customers coming to this minority-owned ice cream shop, even as autumn turns toward winter.  

When COVID-19 hit, Devin Randolph was fearful that the business would suffer.

“I was nervous about how COVID-19 would impact our business,” said Devin Randolph. “We kept the faith and continued to pray daily for our business to thrive.”

The Randolphs found a way to offer service when the pandemic first started, launching a delivery service  to deliver the frozen treats.

With winter fast approach and COVID on the rise, Randolph is still maintaining quality of service by treating the Orangeburg community and helping different organizations in the community .

“It is so refreshing to still have this place open,” said Sarah Priester, a professor  at South Carolina State University. “To see that this place is a  sense of comfort for so many is truly a touching experience.”

The couple established Randolph in  2014 and they have seen their share of good days and bad days.

“I remember when our business was operating out of a small cart,” they said. “Now look at us thriving through one of the worst pandemics in America history.”

Randolph also wants to help other business reinvent their brand if another pandemic occurs in the years to come and also teach them about having a business plan to better prepare themselves for other emergency in case there is one.

Customers from around South Carolina said they are thrilled to know that they could get homemade gelato during the pandemic.

“I give it two thumbs up,” said Rebecca Thomas, a 7-year-old from Columbia, South Carolina.   “The food reminds me of my mom and dad’s cooking.”





Some of the flavors of Randolph Artisan  Italian ice & Gelato. 

Randolph Burg waffles are one of the most popular items on the menu.

Randolph Artisan  Italian Ice & Gelato has been in business since 2014. The shop serves over 10 different gelato flavors for customers to enjoy.