Pick up a book, line it up to your face, and strike a fun pose!

A social media mini-trend, coined the ‘Bookface Challenge,’ is taking the public by storm. It is encouraging people of all ages, especially younger audiences, to return to their reading roots.

The stylistic trend gives users the ability to immerse themselves by combining real life with art from their favorite novels.


The trend is leaving a positive impact on teachers, staff and students in Midlands schools and public libraries.

“Anything that adds a positive light to reading, and kids are on social media,” said Pleasant Hills librarian Amanda Youmans. “Even if we don’t think they are. If they see things and people they admire promoting books, I think that’s really powerful for them.”

When asked what they loved most about the trend, Youman’s students said being able to pick a character or ‘alter ego’ was their favorite part.

“You can literally pick any book you want to be your face,” said one student.


The trend gained traction starting back in 2014, but the tag is still active today. It has received nearly 11,000 posts on Facebook, and more than 120,000 on Instagram, since its creation.

Local libraries and other reading institutions in the Columbia area are excited to participate in the buzz.

“Libraries continue to evolve to meet the needs of their communities,” said Amajah Langford from Lexington County Libraries. “Social media trends, like this one, help us to do that.”

The project encourages users to get creative, but more importantly, to be more involved in their local reading communities and destigmatize the idea of picking up a book over a device.