Community members and industry professionals attended the National Clean Energy Week discussion Wednesday at Blue Marlin in The Vista.

In honor of National Clean Energy Week, the Palmetto Conservative Solar Coalition and the Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions hosted a discussion on Wednesday and recognized Gov. Henry McMaster for his support of renewable energy.

Panelists discussed the opportunities proposed by Senate Bill 890 earlier in the year.McMaster vetoed the bill that would require larger utilities companies like SCE&G to buy wholesale power from smaller independent companies. This bill was thought to promote growth of alternative energy sources but some feel that the bill may put too much confidence in the solar power industry.

Despite the governor’s decision on Bill 890, on Wednesday he highlighted the importance of renewable energy in South Carolina, specifically as it relates to the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.

“Sources of energy, we can’t rely on just one. It can’t be just this one or that one,” McMaster said. “And the solar energy, wind, all of these alternative sources are very important.”

McMaster has showed continuous support for cleaner energy solutions and received the Clean Energy Award, said Rep. Nathan Ballentine, R-Richland, on behalf of the Palmetto Conservative Solar Coalition.

“The award recognizes the governor for everything he’s done and continues to do as he tries to keep it an open market, and tries to get us to explore other alternatives in this energy field,”Ballentine said.

The governor issued a proclamation declaring the week of Sept. 24 – Sept. 28, 2018 will be known as South Carolina Clean Energy Week.

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Gov. Henry McMaster issued his official governor’s proclamation that the week of Sept. 24-28, 2018 will be known as South Carolina’s Clean Energy Week. This week is recognized nationally and encourages residents to make strides toward renewable energy sources.

National Clean Energy Week is an initiative with the goal of raising awareness and highlighting the importances of new ideas for cleaner energy. South Carolina’s event was sponsored by the Palmetto Conservative Solar Coalition and the Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES).

SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissik introduces the discussion panel, which includes South Carolina government officials and industry representatives for renewable energy. The panelists explored different forms of alternative energy that are available for South Carolinians.