Ariel, an adoptable puppy at Pawmetto Lifeline, snuggles in the lap of a volunteer. She and her brother Goofy are currently available at the animal shelter.

Pawmetto Lifeline is located on Bower Parkway near Harbison Boulevard. The no-kill shelter says the euthanasia rate in the Midlands is 44 percent–almost double the national rate.

The neonatal nursery is filled with items donated from the community, including a crib, changing table, curtains, and a rocking chair.

A pair of kittens snuggle up in a volunteer’s lap. The neonatal nursery is meant for kittens and puppies under five weeks old.

Pawmetto Lifeline wants to make life a bit easier for its younger animals.

The no-kill shelter added a neonatal nursery on March 24 and plans to house kittens and puppies under five weeks old. According to Nancy Berens, who has volunteered at the shelter for three years, the addition is much needed.

“Kittens will come in, and there really wasn’t a place for them to go to be assessed and for us to work with them,” Berens said, adding that more time with the animals helps workers find the right foster family.

The nursery wouldn’t be possible without donations. The rocking chair, a crib, and curtains all came from members of the community.

DeeAnn Jones, who serves as the director of foster and training programs at Pawmetto Lifeline, is thankful for the support.

“We were able to outfit this place with different things” because of their kindness, Jones said.

The new unit aids Pawmetto Lifeline in their four initiatives: adoption, medical care, rescue collaboration, and education. Helping their youngest animals stay healthy and strong increases their chances of being adopted.

The shelter’s mission statement states the shelter wants to combat overpopulation in the Midlands, which often leads to adoptable pets being euthanasized. According to shelter officials, the euthanasia rate in the Midlands is 44-percent, almost double the national percentage of 23.

To find out how you can volunteer, or to see pictures of adoptable pets, visit Pawmetto Lifeline’s website.