Ciera Eady, who developed a simple headband to make health care masks more comfortable, demonstrates how the headbands fit. 

Communities across the nation have been taking actions\ to contain the spread of COVID-19 by requiring residents to stay home. However, there are essential men and women who must continue to work in health care, retail and food services in the midst of the pandemic. 

During this difficult time, entrepreneurs are finding different ways to support health care workers workers who risk their lives. In Forest Park, Georgia, Ciera Eady has created elastic headbands that attach to face masks and make them more comfortable.

Eady, 34, an administrative secretary for JAEady Transportation LLC, came up with the creative solution after hearing frontline workers complain about their ears being sore from wearing their masks for hours.

“I actually saw a picture of a headband and thought, ‘hmm,’” Eady said. “I can get some buttons and make something  comfortable for our frontline workers.”

In two days, with help from family, she made over 200 headbands and distributed them to 16 locations in Georgia, Florida and Tennessee, including hospitals, physician’s practices and businesses.

She said she has thought about selling the headbands online, but at this moment she’s only focusing on providing the headbands free for essential workers. Just like Eady, others are using their different talents and abilities to help essential workers during the pandemic. 

“My prayer is for everyone to take this as seriously as possible. This pandemic is real,” Eady said. “Keep your loved ones close and tell them that you love them as much as you can. God be with you all. Stay safe and God bless.”

If you’re a frontline worker or know anyone who is one and would like a headband, you can contact Eady at (404) 620-0385. 

The headbands come in a variety of colors and sizes. 

Ciera Eady used her creativity to solve a problem with wearing face masks for extended periods.

Several workers who received their headbands.