In order to fight the spread of COVID-19 in Hampton Regional Medical Center, medical personnel test visitors before they enter. Here’s the sign that’s posted outside the emergency room.


VARNVILLE, S.C. – There are currently four cases of COVID-19  in Hampton County, a rural Lowcountry community that is taking the pandemic seriously.

Before the schools and several stores closed in my hometown in in nearby Hampton, four miles away, things were moving slowly. Now, you’ll see a few cars on the roads along with school buses delivering meals to students.

Images sometimes convey a lot more than words. I wanted to create something with fewer words and more visuals to illustrate how small towns in Hampton County are dealing with this pandemic.  I went out to photograph the community with my iPhone.

The biggest tool we have in our hands is the phone. My phone is always with me, and that made it more convenient to capture images, which is why I decided to put down my DSLR camera and pick up my phone.

I decided to edit them in black and white to show how everything is in one tone, one mood. Globally and nationally we’re fighting the same enemy, which is COVID-19.

I hope you enjoy my perspective.