The South Carolina chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving remember the victims of alcohol-related crashes by putting their pictures and names on boards that are posted around its building. The Midlands chapter is on 421 Mission Ct, Irmo, S.C. 29063.

Steven Burritt, the South Carolina executive director of Mothers Against Drunk Driving speaks about the families that lose loved ones due to drunken driving.

South Carolina is now ranked second in the nation for deadliest alcohol-related crashes. Only the western state of Montana is deadlier. .

Steven Burritt, the South Carolina executive director of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, said South Carolina, even with its smaller population of over 5 million, has more drunk driving accidents than a bigger state like New York or Illinois.

MADD is pushing legislation to have cars installed with in-car breathalyzers, also known as ignition interlocks. If someone is charged with driving under the influence, his or her car would be installed with an ignition interlock.

Burritt believes that having these devices available would help lower the amount of alcohol-related crashes, while also forcing drivers to make smarter decisions.

Burritt said that the bill did not make it through the South Carolina legislature this year, but he and MADD plan on trying again harder next year to get it passed.

“We can’t be patient, we are losing people every year. One every single day,” Burritt said.

“We want to recognize them. When it comes to numbers and percents, they aren’t numbers to us. I know their story, their family. And they go through the undoubtedly the worse thing in their lives,” Burritt said.

MADD posts pictures of those lost or hurt on bulletin boards around its building and at events it hosts, so people can see what something like driving under the influence could do to them and others.

“There’s never been a good excuse or time for people to drunk drive,” Burritt said.