Spring Break Art Camp was established by the Columbia Art Center in 2015.

Spring Break Art Camp was led by art instructors of Columbia Art Center and art teachers from various Richland One schools.

Campers like Kasey Quinn joined the Spring Break Art Camp to interact with other kids and make friends.


Campers made numerous projects throughout the week, including a bunny bobblehead made entirely out of clay.


Spring break is traditionally a time for students to relax and unwind from the long morning bus rides, extended class periods and hours filled with homework.

While many students spend their week-long break playing video games, sleeping or stuffing their faces with junk food, twelve Richland 1 students decided to enroll in camp.

Held at Columbia Art Center, Spring Break Art Camp is a mixed media camp for Richland One students involving activities such as painting, pottery, basket weaving and a recycling project at the end of the week. The camp is sponsored by the city of Columbia Parks and Recreation Department.

As they continue to learn throughout the week, participants have gained so much more than just their newly artistic skills, the children said.

Brenda Oliver, director of programming at the Columbia Art Center, says children and even young adults have a hard time expressing themselves and that art serves as a medium for expression through which children can express their emotions.

The main objective for the camp is to teach the children key principles such as sharing, working together in groups and saying “please” and “thank you.”

The little campers had plenty of reasons why they love the camp so much.

“You can draw whatever you want, make whatever you want,” Naima Whitted, a sixth-grade camper, said. “Like no one is criticizing you about it.”

Kasey Quinn, a second-grade camper, was happy to spend time with the other campers and make a few friends. Meanwhile, six-year-old Oscar Harrnett has his career goals all planned out. He believes there may be an 89 to 93 percent chance that he’ll become an artist one day.

The camp has been in existence since 2015 and holds camp sessions during summer and winter breaks for all age groups. The admission fee is $85.