Students at Summer workshops begin working on their projects.

Teacher giving students the materials they will need to work on their projects.

Students at workshop encouraging each other on the work they’re doing.

The Summer program at the Columbia Museum of Art is changing things up this year.

While the museum is under renovations, the traditional week-long day camps it runs in the summer are not being offered. Instead, parents can drop their children off to participate in two-day workshops that run once a week.

“This year it’s a little bit different because we are going through a renovation process,” Dana Witkoski, Education and Engagement Coordinator at the museum said. “We have more of a workshop model.”

This model allows for a new workshop to run every week starting on Tuesdays and the skills children learn range from painting and design to metal-working.

The renovations almost stopped the workshops from happening. Witkoski said there were moments when museum workers asked “Can we do this?” Ultimately, the decision was made to have a Summer program.

“I’m really glad we did stick with it,” Witkoski said “It’s been interesting – a lot of learning, but I’m really glad we did.”

The museum will run workshops through the end of July. To sign your child up visit