Diko Pekdemir-Lewis shows off her collection of 23 piece that will showcase at “The Event.” All pieces were designed and created by Pekdemir-Lewis with the help of interns doing measurements. Photos by Sheila Paz

“The Event” is a fall and winter fashion showcase featuring three local designers and two out-of-state designers. The showcase is set for Saturday. 

“The Event” is hosted by Nori Noir, owner and designer of Internet Crush. Noir was in Los Angeles but came to Columbia to establish a brand in a new market. “The Event” plays a part in building that brand and creating a spotlight for a new avenue for “edgy” fashion in Columbia. 

“Columbia is a very tight knit, very specific crowd for the fashion events here. So I definitely want to do a little bit more out there, a little bit more open to the edge for people,” said Noir. 

 Noir wants this event to “put people who don’t really get that spotlight, a chance to get that spotlight.” The focus is to shine a light on artists of color in the Columbia surrounding area. 

“Columbia is due for a really cool fashion event that is not really a targeted market but a different network of fashion related people,” said Noir. 

One of the designers who shares a studio with Noir is Diko Pekdemir-Lewis, a German designer and owner of Anton & Maxine. 

“It’s very funky, very hip, very new. Something very new to Columbia,” Pekdemir-Lewis said.

Pekdemir-Lewis started her collection of clothing to be for those who want something that is “modern, chic and comfortable.” Her designs are inspired through japanese and scandinavian street style.

Comfort is one of her biggest missions. “I want to create clothing that once you put it on, you don’t want to take off anymore because they are so comfortable. The fabric feels so good, you feel chic and beautiful immediately.” 

Tickets sold out on Wednesday. Pekdemir-Lewis is excited to showcase her 23 outfits and wants to see how the crowd will take to a few pieces that she has designed for men. 

“I hope we have a full house and in a great mood and want to see fashion and have a great night,” said Pekdimir-Lewis. 

“The Event” will be at held at 8 p.m. at 808 Lady St. 


Nori Noir has a studio in the Outpost located in Five Points. The studio space is shared with several other designers including Diko Pekdemir-Lewis. 

Pekdemir-Lewis shows her favorite piece that she has created for the showcase, which features a puffy balloon sleeve.  

“The Event” will not only have fashion but tie in music, dance videos and retail.