Greasy but irresistible food is a staple at fairs across the country, and so is Eric Carroll, an employee for Carousel Food Service. Carroll has worked in the fair food business with his family for as long as he can remember.

“I was born into this business, all my life,” said Carroll.

His family got their start making the sugary, doughy treats known as elephant ears, traveling to fairs all over the United States, including the state fairs in Florida, Ohio, Oklahoma, Indiana, Michigan and Kansas.

Now Carroll spends each day at the South Carolina State Fair serving up specialty burgers like the “Garbage Burger” and the “Double Barrel Burger” to the over 500,000 patrons that the fair sees each year. But the real question is if he serves up more burgers than he eats.

“I eat two of the American classic burgers every day, but that’s on a regular hamburger bun,” said Carroll. “And I eat about four doughnuts a day but I don’t eat ‘em together, but that’s just me.”

Although this is his first time at the S.C. State Fair, Carroll says South Carolina is one of his favorite stops. He still has time to try more before this fair season comes to a close.

“The quesadilla burger, I’m probably going to try that today,” said Carroll.

The State Fair has over 90 food stands and the fair will be at the S.C. State Fairgrounds until Oct. 21. Visit the State Fair website to see where to go for fair food on your next trip.

The “Garbage Burger,” one of many burgers found at the South Carolina State Fair, tastes better than it sounds. This burger comes with the usual toppings like lettuce and tomato, but is also piled high with BBQ pork, coleslaw, fries, and a special sauce.

Eric Carroll has worked in the fair business his entire life, but this year is his inaugural season at the S.C. State Fair.

This stand is “making burgers great again” with its interesting add-ons and fun side items. Patrons can’t help but try one of these special burgers while visiting the fair.