A city worker turns on the water at one of the misting stations.

A splash zone located at Emily Douglas Park

Misting station at Columbia Canal and Riverfront Park

The City of Columbia is tackling the heat with free misting stations and splash pads throughout the city.

The city has offered the service for about five years, according to city spokeswoman, Shireese Bell, and activates the program when the heat index exceeds 90 degrees. The stations are in popular summer relaxation areas such as parks to make them easily accessible.

At no cost, anyone can walk up and stick their hand, head or body into the cold water. Park goer Vicki Accordini and her husband say they enjoy picnicking at Columbia Canal and River Front Park.
“It’s not overwhelming where you get soaking wet, but it’s enough to cool you off,” Accordini said about the recently set-up stations.

Stations are generally open 10 a.m.-8p.m. weekdays with varying weekend hours based on location.

Locations and timeframes can be found on the City of Columbia’s website at http://columbiasc.net/headlines/05-03-2018/center-article-summer-pools.