Construction crews work hard through the night to finish road work on Main Street in Lexington.

Sign warns drivers of road closure during construction on Main Street.

O’Hara’s Public House is one of the restaurants affected by construction.

Bodhi is one of the newest eateries on Main Street in Lexington.

Lexington Police Department closed Main Street last week so road workers could put the finishing touches in the SC-6 One-Way Pair Project.

The project seeks to make the intersection of Main Street at North Lake Drive flow more efficiently. By splitting the northbound and southbound movements, the signals at Lake Drive and Church Street can service twice as many vehicles as it did before, the town’s website explains.

“This increase in efficiency will allow for more green signal time to be allotted to east and west Main Street at Lake Drive and Church Street,” the town’s website notes.

The project was completed on June 22, and the road way opened on June 23.

Managers of businesses on Main Street have not been affected by the road work and said they are not concerned that the change will affect business in the future.

“We hope it will alleviate a little bit of traffic out there, which would be a big help, but as we see it the road will always be tremendously busy,” said Billy Martin, manager of O’Hara’s Public House on East Main Street.

Ryan Clark, the general manager of Bohdi on Main Street, said, “We have not been negatively affected by any means …construction is a bit of a headache but certainly hasn’t affected business in a negative way.”

The project cost nearly $2 million and is the first traffic project funded by the 2 percent hospitality tax in the town of Lexington.