Girls wanting to celebrate Galentine’s Day were greeted at the door of Tin Roof with flowers and Bingo cards for an evening of friendship. 

Women were greeted at the door at a Columbia restaurant Wednesday night with flowers and champagne to toast their friends, proving that sometimes the best loves in your life are your girlfriends.

“I think that women don’t need to have a man even though it is fabulous to be in love and have a man,” said Tracy Holliday, who attended Tin Roof’s Galentine’s Day party. “But women have such a special bond with each other that it’s just great to be able to celebrate each other.”

Galentine’s Day, Feb. 13, a day devoted to women celebrating women, gained popularity in 2010 after a season two episode of “Parks and Recreation” introduced the idea of the holiday.

“I’m all about girls building each other up so I just want to celebrate female friendships,” said Samantha Raiff, assistant general manager of Tin Roof. Raiff, who created the event for the restaurant, is a fan of the sitcom, which is how she found inspiration for her event.

The evening catered to women with drink specials, half-priced appetizers and “lonely hearts mix” music bingo, drawing in women of all ages who chose to celebrate Galentine’s over Valentine’s for different reasons.

“I’m single so it’s an excuse to be with your girlfriends and have a girls’ night and go out,” said Casey Hasenbein, student at the University of South Carolina.

While Galentine’s Day was introduced through a fictional show it continues to grow in popularity from women wanting to uplift one another.

“We’re here to support each other and give each other all of our love,” Holliday said.

Casey Hasenbein and friends used the evening at Tin Roof Columbia as an excuse to get together for a girls night out. 

“It’s all about Galentine’s here tonight,” said Tin Roof DJ Stephen King. It’s about celebrating the love you have for the ladies in your life. 

Tracy Holliday, left, and friends participated in music bingo for Galentine’s Day. Holliday wanted to use the evening to celebrate and support her friends.