If not us, who?

March/April 2018

If not us, who? is a five-part series featuring women and girls who are igniting change locally and nationally in politics, social activism, education and business. The goal of the series is to not only highlight the work they are doing, but educate the community on issues and movements happening around them. Alexa Hill and Kylie Scheaffer interviewed women and girls who are working toward social justice, involved in research and embracing entrepreneurial challenges.

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How this 11 year old inspires the next generation of young entrepreneurs

As the face of Gabby Bows, a company she started with her mom six years ago, Gabby has had the opportunity to build a brand while still attending school as a straight-A student.

What it takes to become vice president

For Mills Hays, equal representation in politics is more important now than ever. It was a tenet of her platform, something she made clear while addressing students at her inauguration.

How one woman is pushing for drug treatments

Hard work and personal sacrifice are two things that Christina Andrews, a professor in the University of South Carolina’s College of Social Work,  is familiar with. For years she’s devoted time to teaching and researching the effects of drug treatments for those struggling with opioid conditions.

How one woman teaches people to accept the ‘other’

Federica Clementi has studied photographs, and the people in them her entire life, in an effort to unravel the stories of those who suffered and survived the Holocaust, and the generations who have come after.

How one woman fights for social and political equality

Mamphela Ramphele was too young to understand it, but could see that something was wrong. At the age of six Ramphele saw firsthand how the apartheid ripped apart communities like her own.