Larry Sossamon had not slept in his bed for over a year due to pain, and he was preparing for a full knee replacement surgery when he discovered CBD oil.

“I went and tried it, and the second day, like I say, I have not had any trouble with my knee, hip, or shoulders, which, to me, is a miracle,” Sossamon said. “Now, I can do whatever I want to, whenever I want to.”

Cannabidiol, or CBD, comes from the cannabis plant, but it is free of THC, the psychoactive ingredient responsible for the “high” associated with marijuana.

The oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, and individuals like Sossamon rely on it to help alleviate and manage a wide range of ailments from pain to anxiety to seizures.

On Tuesday, Sossamon browsed through products at a newly opened store specializing in the increasingly trendy health product.

The CBD Store, nestled in the corner of one of Lexington’s busiest shopping centers, opened in early September, providing customers that are seeking a natural route to alleviating pain and other health concerns with an alternative to contemporary medication.

“When we ingest something like CBD oil into our bodies, it just promotes our bodies to be forced into homeostasis, and it equals us out,” Jessica Rollins, manager of The CBD Store, said.

The CBD Store has another location in Augusta, Georgia, but Rollins says that because so many of their customers came from the Columbia-area, they decided to open one in Lexington.

It is the first cannabis-only store to open in Lexington County, however various health food stores, like 14 Carrot and Rosewood Market, are starting to carry the product.

Rollins says that although the store hasn’t faced any negative backlash from the community, there is still controversy surrounding the oil due to stigmas connected to the cannabis plant.

She says The CBD Store is hoping to dispel any misinformation about the oil by providing customers with an informative and warm environment, which they might not normally get from places that don’t specialize in the product.

And for customer Melissa Al-Shaer, a sufferer of Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, she’s hoping The CBD Store can provide her a solution for her chronic joint pain, fatigue and nausea caused by her illness and chemotherapy treatments.

Like many customers, Al-Shaer is looking to lessen her reliance on prescription medicine, and is eager to see if CBD oil can provide her with relief.

“I’m hoping it works because I would love to stop taking some of the other medications,” Al-Shaer said.


The CBD Store in Lexington is dedicated to selling only CBD products. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a naturally derived compound found in the cannabis plant. CBD oil doesn’t contain THC, the psychoactive element associated with the “high” from marijuana, and it is often used for chronic pain and other health ailments in place of medication. 

At The CBD Store in Lexington, customers frequently stop by to purchase CBD products to help naturally alleviate and manage chronic pain and other health concerns. Jessica Rollins, the store manager, enthusiastically works to inform the public about the positive benefits of CBD oil.

Larry Sossamon, of Lexington, is a strong believer in the healing benefits of CBD products. He says that the oil changed his life by relieving him of constant joint pain that once required him to undergo multiple surgeries. 

CBD oil offers a natural alternative to medications, and for many individuals, it helps alleviate chronic pain and health issues such as autism, migraines, Parkinson’s and insomnia. CBD comes in a variety of products from flavored oils and gummies, to pet treats for overly anxious dogs.