Someone in South Carolina won the $1.6 billion prize from the Mega Millions lottery. The winner can claim their winnings at the South Carolina Education Lottery Claim Center.

Someone in South Carolina purchased the winning ticket in Tuesday night’s drawing for the record-breaking Mega Millions jackpot of $1.6 billion. The winning numbers were 5, 28, 62, 65, 70 and Mega Ball 5.

This is the first Mega Millions win in the state since South Carolina started participating in the lottery.

On Wednesday morning, Mega Millions and lottery officials confirmed that the winning ticket was sold at the KC Mart in Simpsonville, on 303 Lee Vaughn Road.

Some news media and members of the public were anxious to find out the winner of this big prize. But, there’s a chance that won’t happen since South Carolina is one of eight states where winners can remain anonymous.

The winner is has the option of taking a lump sum after taxes of $877 million, which most choose, or collect the full amount in annual payments spanning over 30 years.

Lottery officials are advising the winner to sign the back of their ticket, keep it in a safe location, speak with a trusted advisor and call the lottery to claim their prize. Even though they can remain anonymous, the winner will have 180 days to claim the jackpot.


The winning ticket was sold at the KC Mart in Simpsonville, South Carolina.