Dual monitor setups, along with colorful lit keyboards, are not uncommon among PC gamers.

Most gaming mice come with more buttons than traditional mice for convenience.  Having additional buttons can help enhance your gameplay abilities by giving you a few shortcuts.

When building a PC, there are a few additional costs that you might not have considered if you don’t already own a desktop computer.


First, you need a monitor. I would personally recommend picking up a second monitor when you can afford to. I love having two monitors for my own PC, it allows me to game and watch media at the same, or even have useful guides up for games on the second screen. You will want to shop around and find a monitor that fits into your budget and fits your needs.  Monitors worth considering are priced at the lowest around $100. Make sure that the monitor supports 1080p resolutions because our build seeks to maximize that.


Gaming mice and keyboards aren’t a necessity, but once you try them, you might find it hard to go back to the traditional mouse and keyboard. Benavides recommends a pretty good budget mouse and keyboard bundle.  This is a very good value when you compare it to other peripherals such as Razer’s mice and keyboards.


If you plan on doing any online gaming at all, you will want a headset and mic. Online gaming requires good communication, especially if you play a team-oriented games such as League of Legends or Overwatch. This really depends on your personal preference and you can spend as much or as little money as possible when considering a headset. If you have no idea where to start looking, check this out.


If you are familiar with gaming on a controller, you can continue to experience that luxury with PC.  On PC, you have the freedom to choose whether you game on a controller, or with a mouse and keyboard.  If you happen to prefer controllers, there is a good chance you already own one.  Any new Playstation or Xbox controller can be easily connected to your PC.  On top of that, all games on Steam support both of these controllers, giving you the ultimate freedom to decide between your mouse and keyboard, or sitting back with a controller.