Kevin Shwedo, executive director of the SCDMV, showed Governor McMaster the differences between the current South Carolina driver’s license and the REAL ID.

Kevin Shwedo, executive director of the SCDMV and Governor Henry McMaster discussed how REAL IDs will provide more security than the average ID.

The SCDMV set up a station at the State House to issue REAL IDs.

Governor Henry McMaster explained the new REAL ID system being put into place in South Carolina.

Gov. Henry McMaster and South Carolina DMV Executive Director Kevin Shwedo urged South Carolinians on Wednesday to obtain a REAL ID driver’s license and identification card in order to increase security and prevent disasters like 9/11 in the future.

The REAL ID has three specific uses.

“It’ll allow you to board a domestic commercial aircraft, enter a secure federal building and enter a military installation,” Shwedo said. “I focus on those three because if you don’t need to do those three things, you don’t need a REAL ID.”

South Carolinians have just over two years to obtain the the REAL ID.

“Starting on October 20, 2020, that federal idea called REAL ID will be required if you want to go into those airplanes or into those facilities and into those buildings,” McMaster said. “In South Carolina, Colonel Shwedo has moved up the schedule and REAL ID cards are available now.”

In order to avoid long lines at the DMV, Shwedo says you can check wait times and buy IDs online. Also, six DMV locations in South Carolina are now open from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. on Saturdays.

“Beat the line, buy online,” Shwedo said.

A REAL ID costs $25 if you do not have a driver’s license. If you already have an ID, you can change it to a REAL ID for $5 if you’re age 5 to 16. If you’re 17 or older, it’s free. REAL IDs last for up to eight years.


The visual differences between the current and REAL ID are a gold star on the right side of the REAL ID and a label that reads “not for federal identification”.