Creating music is no easy task. To sign with a record label or perform at live shows is just as difficult. But success in the music industry isn’t defined by any of those things. It’s defined by the artist themself.

Nikita Madorsky, better known by Nikita, the Wicked is an electronic music producer and DJ at the Cotton Gin in Five Points. His definition of success with music varies differently from others in the business.

“It’s not about becoming famous or getting all these plaques or whatever,” Madorsky said. “It’s will people remember the music I make when I’m gone.”

In a world where record labels are continuing to become stingier to sign artists, love and passion for creating music matter the most. University of South Carolina School of Music professor Jeremy Polley touched on what achievement really means in the industry.

“The metric of success is are you able to capture the imagination of audiences and are you able to capitalize on that imagination when you have it,” Polley said.

The misconception of success being measured by fortune or fame in the industry is universal. To have the mentality to overcome obstacles in a world where you’re a single fish in the sea is what separates someone like Madorsky.

“When I’m at my lowest, when I have no inspiration to make music, debate quitting… but if I have an idea and I can make it, it’s fine,” Madorsky said. “I want to make something that nobody has ever heard before.”

Striving to become the best, thinking outside of the box, and working hard no matter the cost to reach his dreams,  and live off the music that he produces. That is his measure of success in music.

Nikita, the Wicked performing live at The Cotton Gin in Five Points, Columbia.

Nikita, an electronic music producer is creating music on his keyboard.

The crowd enjoying one of Nikita’s shows as he aims for the crowd to remember his music.