Owners Hannah Bratcher and Kelly Holbrook say “Come as you are” has become The Well Collective’s motto. They invite the community to check out their new business.

Kelly Holbrook and Hannah Bratcher met at Drip coffee shop every day for a year before finally bringing their vision of a healthier, more holistic Columbia to life this August.

The pair co-owns The Well Collective, a collaborative health and wellness center off Rosewood Drive with a two-focus mission: hosting a one-stop-shop holistic wellness area for community members and providing a place for local businesses to develop.

“We come together to support one another, introduce our audiences to new things, to new health and wellness modalities and introduce those businesses to the community so they can grow,” Holbrook said.

Columbia community members can take a hot yoga or barre class, sip on a wellness latte or smoothie from the café, shop in the boutique and relax with a massage or facial in the spa. A registered dietitian comes in twice a month for those seeking nutrition counseling.

Products for sale in the boutique can run anywhere from a few dollars to just under a hundred. A hour-long massage is $77, and unlimited fitness classes are priced at $33.25/week. If you want to experience all of their services in one package, you can have unlimited classes, one express massage, one express facial and a surprise gift from the store for $222/month. 

First-time visitor Melanie Demattei enjoyed a golden turmeric latte while waiting for her massage appointment. In addition to the “relaxing and gorgeous” aesthetic, she said she appreciates The Well Collective bringing something new to the city.

“It’s providing a little more progressiveness to the community,” Demattei said. “I think having places like this helps people get out of their box a little bit and see that natural forms of nutrition and exercise are helpful when integrated into their regular lives.”

Holbrook said she hopes The Well Collective’s impact on the area extends beyond their center alone. They aim to spark more entrepreneurship in Columbia and encourage students from local universities, such as UofSC, to stay in the city after graduating.

They believe they can accomplish these goals by serving as a base where other small businesses can learn how to build their companies and connect with the community.

“It’s maybe something they wouldn’t have been able to do on their own. We take on that space so they can just come in and work in their zone of genius and do what they’re best at while we support them,” Holbrook said.

“Come as you are” is painted on the wall right as you walk into the lobby. The saying has become The Well Collective’s unofficial tagline.

Eventually, Holbrook envisions opening additional locations across the country. Until then, she wants to continue to offer a welcoming environment right here in Columbia.

“It’s not a space where we want someone to come and feel uncomfortable or intimidated,” Holbrook said. “We definitely want you to come as you are. We welcome you as you are, wherever you are in your health and wellness journey.”

Co-owner Kelly Holbrook looks over the products for sale in The Well Collective’s boutique. Each item comes from a small, local business. 

The health and wellness center provides a space for both community members and local businesses to meet. Owners Hannah Bratcher and Kelly Holbrook designed the interior themselves. 

The store offers items such as jewelry, clothing, candles and crystals. Lu and Clay’s hand-made clay earrings are among the products for sale.