Want to see Jasmine White, Garnet and Black style editor, seamlessly pair some of fall’s trendiest items? Watch the video featured above. 



In the age of social media, this word has become as recognizable as any. People want to know: what is trending? What is new? What is exciting? 

One moment, it’s vintage Dior saddle bags, the next you spot your favorite influencer sporting a purse the size of a dollar. It can be hard to keep up, specifically in the fashion world, where Instagram influencers and models define the trend of the hour.

That’s why Jasmine White, fashion retailer, president of Cocky Couture and style editor of Garnet & Black magazine, took Carolina News & Reporter on a fashion road trip. White explored the Columbia area, curating the latest and greatest trends. The first stop: Wildflower Boutique, located near 2G’s on Saluda Avenue.

“Wildflower would definitely be the first boutique to go to,” White said while sifting through the racks of animal print dresses and paneled blue jeans. “My personal style is a mix of modern and vintage,” White explained. “It works out that a lot of things trending now were taken from those ‘60s and ‘70s styles.”

After ten minutes of combing the store, White seamlessly threw together outfits highlighting the coolest fall trends.

Feminine Blazers

“I’m super into mixing those business items with leisurewear,” White said. She holds up an oversized, black and white plaid blazer. You could pair it with a classic pair of slacks and a nice blouse, but I would pair it with fun jeans that have interesting seams and color patterns on them.”

If fashion week is any indication, many will be trading the bulky menswear-inspired blazers of last year for a more feminine silhouette. Paired with a fun belt, slouchy jeans or edgy biker shorts, this trend has endless possibilities.

Mini Purses & Animal Print 

While not as small as the infamous Jacquemus Le Chiquiti Leather Bag trend-setters have been sporting, this metallic imitation snakeskin purse is trendy in more ways than one. The mini bag, still big enough to hold the essentials, is another way to bring animal print into your wardrobe.

Back from the ‘80s, zebra, cheetah and cow prints are being featured on shoes, dresses, belts and bags. 

Stylish Hair Accessories

“Another thing that’s really popular this season is fun, statement hairpieces,” White said. “One hair clip that stood out to me was the oversized pearl barrett,” White gestured to the various barrettes on display. “Pearls are a classic, so adding that on to a hair clip makes any outfit fun.”

Located beside Wildflower is Sid & Nancy, an edgy buy-sell-trade store. Entering the store is like stepping into a time capsule. Colorful Christmas lights line the walls and illuminate the conglomeration of used clothes and vintage treasures. White pulls a green maxi skirt, vintage vest, leather blouse and metallic windbreaker, which a worker at Sid & Nancy said is “very in.”

Long Satin Skirts & All the Shades of Green

“This long skirt is something that also stood out to me,” White said while holding the green, satin skirt. “This satin material is something we saw in the spring and summer seasons, but it’s something you can use to transition to fall.” Pairing the skirt with a white turtleneck and funky boots would transform the vintage design into a modern-day style.

While spring and summer saw blinding neon greens, fall is taking a subtle approach. Lighter shades of green like pistachio and sage will be dominating the racks alongside the trending millennial purple.


“Metallic is something that has definitely been in these past few seasons,” White said, holding up a metallic, gray windbreaker. “I would personally crop this and make it into a long-sleeve crop top with joggers and chunky sneakers. It would be a cute, casual outfit that makes you look put together when you didn’t really try.”

The last stop, Vestique Boutique, is bustling with University of South Carolina students, scanning the gameday themed rack and second floor sale section. The boutique carries a variety of trendy items from tortoiseshell hoops to square neck bodysuits.

Western Belts & Boots

White, who is wearing a western belt herself, immediately gravitated towards a pair of white, western booties. “Western wear and white boots are something you’re definitely going to see often this season,” White said, “If you want to stay on trend you NEED to get a pair of these boots.”

Want to take the western look to the next level? White suggested a denim-on-denim look similar to ones sported by models like Gigi Hadid and Kaia Gerber.

White reluctantly put back the apparel she had been styling and shook her head. “This is a bit of a tease,” she said, laughing. “Now, I really want to do some fall trend shopping.”

For more insight into this fall’s trendiest fashion finds, watch the featured videos.

Whether they were worn as classy earrings or bold hair accessories, pearls were all over this season’s runway. These oversized clips are the perfect way to pull pearls into your wardrobe. 

While looking through Wildflower Boutique, located on Saluda Avenue, White immediately gravitated towards this imitation snakeskin purse. She suggests getting creative and mixing patterns to achieve a fun and current look.

This outfit, styled with pieces from Wildflower Boutique, brings the dainty heel trend right into fall. Pare them down with paneled jeans and a ruched top for a classy and casual outfit.

Blazers are your must have fall fashion garment. White suggests using one to dress up jeans or add a fun twist to a black slip dress like the one pictured above. 

Jasmine White searches Sid & Nancy, an edgy buy-sell-trade store on Saluda Avenue, for the trendiest vintage finds. Check out the video above to see what she picks.

Shades of green ranging from neon lime to subtle pistachio are going to be all the rage this fall, which is exactly why White is loving this vintage maxi skirt from Sid & Nancy, located on Saluda Avenue

Check out the video above to see some fall outfits styled by Jasmine White, Garnet and Black style editor. All clothes, shoes and accessories can be found at Vestique Boutique located on Harden Street.

While shopping at Vestique, located on Harden Street, White found a variety of items we’re currently seeing all over Instagram. From the tortoiseshell hoops to the square neck bodysuit, this outfit is a fall favorite.